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DeBellotte Design

DeBellotte Design

New York

Updated: Apr 18

New York

Why do I even bother?

You are no longer my home.

I try to interact

But you become…




Act like I have nothing valuable to say

Same atmosphere

But only worst

Same attitude.

Same everything.

Has anything changed?

Or has it only got worse?

Do you see how you act?

Are you even aware?

Do you even care?

Do you want to do better?

Do you want to evolve?

Or stay stagnant?

Some parts have evolved.



But you,

You are…

The same.

I talk.

I try to explain myself,

Or help you see my side,

But no

You insist,

You insist you know what I’m thinking

You think you know how I feel

You think you understand what happened

You think I don’t do my best.

You are making me look like the bad person.


Why do I keep coming back,

It’s not like anything has changed

Maybe I should stop.

Would you even notice?

Do you even care?


I’m done.

I’m done caring as much.

I’m tired of reaching out,

Hoping for a better response.

Don’t be surprised

If you don’t see me.

Don’t hear from me.

You’re not my problem.

You are on your own.

I’ve found my home,

Where I belong.

People who care.

People who reach out.

People who show up.

I’ll be giving less to you.

You are only in my way.

So good-bye for now,

Maybe for good

So long

New York.

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