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Updated: Apr 18

Some people, when they are sad or dealing with an issue, separate themselves from everyone. They prefer to be alone for however long they feel. Not me. I like to talk to people. When I’m stressed, I like to talk to people. When I’m sad, when I’m angry, it’s just nice having someone to talk to.

I don’t mind being alone with myself or with my thoughts. I’ve been able to learn how to be alone with myself. But that doesn’t mean I always enjoy it. I prefer the right kind of company. For someone who may be surrounded by family or friends all the time, they may cherish those alone times. However, for someone who is already alone, when the time is right, they may prefer to be around people or have someone to talk to. I know we live busy lives, but it’s nice to have someone to talk to daily, and I don’t mean about the same things, but everything and anything in life.

I am alone.

I chose to be alone. Other times, I don’t pick it. It chooses me.

I’m alone because it’s nice not having to tiptoe around or answer to anyone daily.

I have friends and family, but I still feel alone.

I’m alone in a new state with no family.

I have close friends, but they are in another state. I know they think of me. Well, at least that’s my hope. I know I think of them daily. When we talk, it’s like time hasn’t passed, and we are just catching up on life, but I still feel alone. I usually reach out first but don’t always get an answer until days, weeks, or months later. But when they call, I usually stop what I do to answer them. Even though I don’t have much going on, I still stop my time, my job, my movie, and my current task to answer. If I don’t, it will take a while to get back in touch. Even then, sometimes I feel alone.

When I reach out, sometimes they feel it has to be for something important. Maybe I’m checking up on you. When I hear from them, the majority of the time, it’s to help with something, not just a casual conversation to see how I’m doing. I’m talking about close friends and family.

I feel alone.

I made some friends in this state, but none I’m close with. It’s hard to schedule a time to hang out, and most of the time, I’m reaching out and setting it up. It’s tiring. If they wanted to hang out, they would keep up the momentum when we hit a dead-end date.

Throughout the day, I work and do my hobby, trying to keep busy. After work, I watch movies and shows and do my hobbies, but I constantly check my phone to see if anyone hit me up. I'm longing for some convo. I don’t mind the quiet, but it’s too quiet.

We all have those friends that you can talk to about different things. Friends to talk about relationships. Friends to talk about how work is. Friends to have adventures with. Friends you can talk to daily and hang out with daily. But when you find friends, you can do all the above with ease, with no judgment, laughs, good times, and bad times, but still keeping the peace; that’s when you hit the jackpot.

It’s not always that easy. However, I don’t ask for much, not much at all. Some of my friends, I’m entirely content with them hitting me up at least once every two weeks to a month. Others at least once a week are good. But I prefer to be contacted. I have nothing but time, but it’s nice to know that I was on their mind to hit me up.

I want someone to talk to once in a while. Not every day, just once in a while. Some people do it a couple of times a month. I don’t think that’s too much to ask.

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