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DeBellotte Design



Writing History

I have been a writer since 4th grade, where I have written a few chapters of a creative writing assignment I wrote for class. From 8th grade until my freshmen year of college, I had completed two fiction novels and 2-3 novels I reached halfway through. The name of the latest book I started but didn’t complete was “A New Path.” I don’t recall the inspiration for this specific book, but all the novels I have written were romance novels. 

They were inspired by hidden desires, many romance movies I’ve watched in my lifetime, and just creative inspiration. I have also written my fair share of poetry over the years. I don’t have any unusual writing habits. Still, about a year ago, I started getting journal entry inspiration from the many quotes I’ve seen online that resonated with me and my experience.

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From the day I left the hospital, up until high school, I felt vulnerable and small, like I was inferior to everyone. I felt this way inside but used it to my advantage over the years as I continued living my life. I was looking at everyone and everything through a worm’s eye view. 

Nathifa Debellotte

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