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DeBellotte Design

DeBellotte Design



Writing History

I have been a writer since 4th grade, where I have written a few chapters of a creative writing assignment I wrote for class. From 8th grade until my freshmen year of college, I had completed two fiction novels and 2-3 novels I reached halfway through. The name of the latest book I started but didn’t complete was “A New Path.” I don’t recall the inspiration for this specific book, but all the novels I have written were romance novels. 

They were inspired by hidden desires, many romance movies I’ve watched in my lifetime, and just creative inspiration. I have also written my fair share of poetry over the years. I don’t have any unusual writing habits. Still, about a year ago, I started getting journal entry inspiration from the many quotes I’ve seen online that resonated with me and my experience.

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I am grateful I decided to choose myself. This time I chose to be a little selfish and put my mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical health, to grow and better help others in the future. Sometimes it's just better to put yourself first but hopefully not at the expense of others, just enough for it to be a blessing and not a curse.

Embrace SELF-care Not SELF-ishness

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