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DeBellotte Design

I, Nathifa Debellotte, am the creator and owner of DeBellotte Design. 

I am an all-rounded creative designer in textiles, photography, video editing, and design. 

I started DeBellotte Design as a graphic designer, working on architectural designs. In 2018, I was doing design projects for colleagues, friends and family while in college. Mid-2019, I decided to take it to another level creating the name and logo. I feel in love with 'DeBellotte Design' because I love how unique my last name is and 'design' is broad enough to fully capture me as a well-rounded designer. A woman of many talents. During Covid, DeBellotte Design developed more. I made video edits, make design alteration and revisited my crochet and knitting skills. Back in high school, I would create customized hats and scarves. With my left over yarn, I decided to make socks to sell. I learned patterns from YouTube, which helped me make DeBellotte Design what it is today. I went from making socks, hats, and scarves to creating sweaters, blankets, dresses, hoodies, tops/blouses pillowcases and it's only the beginning. 

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Email me at: 

or text me at (917)-379-3870

Styles shown online are all that I challenged myself to create, whether they were customized requests or what I created for myself. Orders are not limited to what is presented. If you desire something not shown, please still free to contact me and I will see if I can meet your needs.

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